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ABR gives clients the ability to manage HR, payroll, time and attendance, benefits, applicant tracking, job posting, Workers’ Compensation, and paper processes in a fully integrated, single-entry web-based platform.
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Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has added another level of service the large company must deal with. Our ACA module allows the company to be compliant with the latest requirements without worry

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The Benefits Brokers and Financial Planners need to bring value added services to their clients. ABR has been working with the Broker community for years, helping the Broker better understand the competition as well as bring value added services to their clients.

By working with ABR the Broker/Financial Planner are helping their client maintain and reach the goals they all strived for. The Broker is also cementing his/her relationship with the client making it harder for the competition to enter the picture.

CPA’s and Attorneys want to protect their client from making costly mistakes. They want to make sure payroll is done correctly. They want to make sure the business owners do not do something to jeopardize any liability that could cost the business tens of thousands of dollars in legal issues. The ABR team can help insure the company’s wellbeing

Business Coaches (CFO/COO for hire)

Business Coaches (CFO/COO for hire) are interested in all aspects of the business to help insure profitability, or to prepare the company for sale. A partnership with ABR will help insure the Employee Relations and Compliance issues are taken care of. The Peace of mind knowing the company does not have an employee lawsuit sitting in a file cabinet makes the company more valuable.

Benefits Made Easy

Benefits costs have been out of control for years. The ABR team not only works with all the licensed insurance carriers to find the best solution for your business and employees. ABR works with some of the top Brokers in the community working side by side with them to bring the best possible solutions to your business.

When companies think of benefits they usually think of Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, LTD, STD, & 401k. But at ABR we like to think out of the box and offer our clients different benefits. These benefits make our clients more competitive when it comes to hiring the best employees.

Through relationships with our Brokerage community we have access to all the Employee Benefits plans offered in the Commercial Markets. Let our team find the right plan for you.

Benefits Management made easy. Our robust Benefits Administration HR Module allows you to manage your benefits online. Offering Employee Self-Service, Open Enrollment approval and more


Not only can telemedicine save the employee time and money it can also help reduce the health care costs of the company.
The employee and his/her family can now talk to and visit with a doctor 24/7 with NO co-payments. No more long lines in the Emergency Room or waiting to get an appt. with the doctor days later and no more dragging all the kids to the doctor’s office to come home sick. Learn about telemedicine solutions or contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Identity Theft

One of the fastest growing causes of employee issues. An employee has their identity stolen. This could take hours and hours of time to sort through. You have just lost your employee’s focus until their credit is restored.

Why not protect it with an Identity Shield Benefit? For a few dollars a month your and/or your employees can easily protect their Identity. Contact Us for more information.


Payroll is the backbone of any organization. Your employees need to be paid. ABR offers the newest payroll technologies. With a dedicated Customer Service Specialist working with you, your payroll is processed quickly and accurately.

Payroll, Time and Attendance, Benefit Management, On Boarding, etc. are all aspects of payroll. You may need just payroll, or you may need the other services. ABR is affiliated with Connect Pay a national payroll provider. Why pay for things you don’t need. Get only the services you need. Learn more about ConnectPay.

Human Resources

Human Capital is your biggest investment. If you don’t treat it right it can destroy you. If you treat it right it can help you grow your company many times over.

Our HR team can help your productivity by helping set a sound foundation of HR Practices, including but not limited to handbooks, procedures, policies etc. Properly executing these things can be an integral part of your business growth. If not done properly it could leave you drowning like a dysfunctional organization.

Let our team do an HR Audit and give you a report as to where your organization stands.

Business Services

Part of ABR’s philosophy is bring to meaningful value to their clients over and above the expected services.

ABR’s Cost Segregation program can save a company hundred thousands of dollars in actual savings;

For example, there can be savings in credit card costs, waste management, property tax. Cost segregation, Workers’ Comp and R&D tax credits to name a few. Want more information? Contact us.For instance:

Auto dealer average savings approx. $220,000
Hotel average savings approx. $220,000
Manufacturing $270,222
Medical $271,000
Restaurants $230,000
Funeral Directors $153,000
Commercial Property $183.000
Software $205,000

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